• 30 MHz of NR 5G Architecture

  • Lowest GB costs in the industry

  • 6 MHz of Lighthouse Broadcasting Services ATSC 1.0

Landover’s mission is simple: Repurpose 600MHz spectrum and rapidly deploy a world class 5G network in the United States.

The Bridge 5GX™ deployment includes initially America’s Major Urban Centers and most underserved and vulnerable lands (corridors, borders, and America’s breadbasket) while creating JOBS starting in 2021. The most underserved and economically disadvantaged will have the future broadband provides in JOBS, distance learning, and tele-health. 

With the use of SCALE and the opportunity for a GREENFIELD BUILD, Landover is developing and repurposing its footprint of broadcast spectrum covering 95% of the population of the United States, 30MHz of Broadband Spectrum in each market.

This Broadband Capacity enables Landover to establish the New Wireless Entrant as the US most innovative and lowest cost wireless broadband provider.

The opportunity to deploy a Greenfield state-of-the-art 5G  network (with no legacy issues and backward integration costs), lowest spectrum acquisition costs, and the best, "Robust" in class spectrum for wireless broadband deployment has created  an opportunity to launch a new U.S. entrant which helps fill the supply gap in a Growing and ever expanding wireless broadband Ecosystem.

Some of the most difficult areas to reach are rural areas, where the cost to deploy a network is still greater then Urban deployments, but today not an impediment due to 5G Technology innovation. 

Landover’s GREENFIELD BUILD delivers the ability to connect Rural Americans quickly but offer them COMPETITIVE service.

Landover’s early strategy of spectrum ownership and coverage of America’s most vulnerable areas: corridors, borders, waterways and her Farmland allows for a rapid deployment that will be offered to these markets. 

Nearly 45,000,000 Americans do not have access to broadband and over half of America’s land mass (and most valuable resources) is naked.

Landover offers TV broadcasters a range of financial and strategic opportunities.


The lower guard band of our new proposed 600 MHz Band Plan hosts a nationwide broadcast channel 30. Landover Wireless provides a new approach with innovation and efficiencies to broadcast used in Europe and Asia with its Lighthouse Broadcast Services offering.


Landover’s principal spectrum transaction enables broadcasters to unlock value and monetize the UHF TV spectrum. Realizing this liquidity opportunity is possible without impacting broadcasting’s consumer experience or broadcaster revenue streams by hosting with long-term leases.


Landover’s network build can facilitate the broadcast industry migration to Next Gen TV /ATSC 3.0.  Landover supports Next Gen TV by providing mobility and a return path for fully interactive experiences, ad attribution, and targeting.


In an increasingly mobile-led media landscape, Landover offers the ability to TV broadcasters access to multicast content delivery and efficiently reach up to tens of millions of mobile wireless and secondary screens to participate in the growth of mobile broadband.

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