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Next Generation Business-to-Business-to-Consumer 5G Network

Our mission is simple: Re-purpose 600 MHz and other spectrum and rapidly deploy a world class 5G network in the United States.

The 5Global deployment includes both America’s Major Urban Centers and the most underserved and vulnerable lands (corridors, borders, and America’s breadbasket) while creating JOBS starting in 2022. The most underserved and economically disadvantaged will have access to faster, more ubiquitous broadband, which will ultimately create economic growth and new JOBS, as well as opportunities in IoT, connected car, machine-to-machine learning, telemedicine, distance learning, among a variety of other use cases. 

Landover is developing and repurposing a footprint of broadcast spectrum covering greater than 95% of the population of the United States, 30 MHz of broadband spectrum in each market.

This Broadband Capacity enables Landover to establish itself as the most innovative and lowest cost wireless broadband provider in the United States.

The opportunity to deploy a greenfield state-of-the-art 5G network (with no legacy issues and backward integration costs), lowest spectrum acquisition costs, and the best, "Robust" in class spectrum for wireless broadband deployment has created an opportunity to launch the new U.S. entrant which helps fill the supply gap in a growing and ever expanding wireless broadband ecosystem.

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5Global Is The New Revolutionary 5G

  • 30 MHz of 5G NR Architecture

  • Lowest GB costs in the industry

  • 6 MHz of Lighthouse Broadcasting Services ATSC 1.0

Landover Wireless is 5Global, a new mobile broadband platform that will roll out nationwide services to strategic business partners starting in 2022. Landover’s focus is on establishing an industry-leading Business-to-Business-to-Customer Experience platform for Strategic Partners.

 If You Are

  • Digital Media

  • Cloud Provider

  • Connected Car

  • Social Media

Then you are a potential Landover Strategic Partner.

Landover supports mobile business innovation and offers partners more ways to reach and serve their audiences efficiently, on the latest 5G technology at market break pricing. 

The Democratization of 5G is an American spirit with Freedom to Create, Grow and Choose. The Greater Good is served with our Business-to-Business-to-Customer Experience partnership model which is a Platform, not just a network, to encourage Companies and start-ups to integrate 5G into their businesses.

Consumers will not need to not worry about Data Plan consumption, plus can keep their existing mobile devices and connections. Consumers will not pay for data.

Landover’s 5Global platform will enable enterprise partners to bundle connectivity and content services into new mobile devices, gaming/augmented reality devices, automobiles and IoT products, with no need to purchase connectivity from a third-party carrier. 5Global offers partners the ability to access device and network analytics and to adapt hardware, software, and network design to their specific company needs.

Further, Landover offers broadcasters the opportunity to unlock value and monetize their UHF TV spectrum. Broadcasters can realize this liquidity opportunity without impacting consumer experience or broadcaster revenue streams by hosting with long-term leases through its Lighthouse Broadcasting Services entity.

5G innovation is a Multiplier of JOBS.



Some of the most difficult areas to reach are rural areas, where the cost to deploy a network is still greater than Urban deployments.  However, this should no longer be an impediment due to the latest 5G Technology innovation. 

Landover’s GREENFIELD BUILD delivers the ability to connect Rural Americans quickly but offer them COMPETITIVE service.

Landover’s early strategy of spectrum ownership and coverage of America’s most vulnerable areas: corridors, borders, waterways and farmland allow for a rapid deployment that will be offered to these markets. 

Approximately 25 million Americans do not have access to broadband and over half of America’s land mass (and most valuable resources) is naked.  We plan to correct this.



Landover is a Broadband builder that has constructed two National U.S. Broadband Wireless Networks (Winstar and Advanced Radio Telecom) and one in Europe, LandTel N.V. spanning across Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and parts of the Eastern Block.

Laurence S. Zimmerman, founder and CEO of Landover Wireless Corp., is an American maverick and steadfast spectrum developer. Since 1992, Zimmerman has successfully built, operated, and invested in wireless platforms in the US and Europe. His five companies have deployed over $7 billion in capital.

In Laurence’s 28 year history, Landover has ALWAYS utilized this precious American resource by building out a broadband footprint for the use of ALL AMERICANS.

Today, the Landover Wireless team of broadband wireless, technology, and media leaders are actively acquiring and repurposing a national mobile spectrum footprint and preparing to build and launch a B2B2X mobile broadband platform called 5Global.



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Laurence Zimmerman has been successfully engaged in the global wireless telecommunications industry since 1991, creating five companies that have deployed over $7 billion in capital to acquire and build broadband networks in the U.S. and Europe. He has over 25 years of experience building, strategically planning, and investing in growth companies in the telecom industry. Laurence is an experienced spectrum license holder who has acquired and developed national and regional footprints of 38 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 2.6 GHz and 1600 MHz/MMDS licenses and developed strategic relationships creating additional value in the spectrum assets.

Laurence was the Founder, Principal, and Board Member of two Nasdaq-listed companies: Advanced Radio Telecom Corp. (which became Fiber Tower and was ultimately sold to AT&T) and National Wireless Holdings Inc.

Laurence was an early seed investor and one-time largest individual shareholder of Nasdaq-traded Winstar Communications (which became StraightPath and was ultimately sold to Verizon), the largest 38 GHz last-mile broadband solution in the U.S. Laurence founded Landtel, a European broadband wireless provider which won spectrum licenses in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and several Eastern European countries, and built high-speed internet access on 3.5 GHz and 2.6 GHz. Laurence was the co-founder and control shareholder of Bazillion, Inc., one of the first nationwide toll-quality VoIP service providers in the U.S. addressing the residential market.

Laurence re-entered the telecom market in 2007, evaluating emerging opportunities driven by the accelerating demand for mobile bandwidth, emerging technologies, and spectrum scarcity. In April 2008, Laurence founded Landover Wireless to build a nationwide broadband wireless platform utilizing the 600 MHz spectrum band.



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