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Democratizing Mobile Broadband Connectivity 

OuR Mission 

5Global is dedicated to providing the most innovative and lowest cost wireless broadband across the Continental United States.


5Global's team of broadband wireless, technology innovators is actively acquiring a national  spectrum footprint and building America's next  5G Network: 5Global. 

"I am building 5Global to change the way we connect, the way we digitally commute, the way we transact...5Global is the way: the innovative, open platform that seeks to transcend old barriers at a fraction of the cost and enable EVERYONE to have equal access"
- Laurence S. Zimmerman Founder & CEO

Approximately 82 million Americans do not have access to broadband. 

Our Mission

Our Coverage

5Global will offer nationwide mobile broadband coverage at democratized  pricing to our enterprise partners.

We will enhance our customers' ability to serve their end users across the nation.

5Global will provide wireless broadband across the entire  continental United States. 


Rural regions will no longer be at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing the latest wireless technologies and services.



America's First Enterprise Focused 5G Network   



5Global is building an open standard, cloud native mobility - platform as a service (MPaaS) enabling enterprises to develop customer centric solutions without the constraints of closed standard legacy networks. 

Enterprise partners can leverage 5Global value added combination of network architecture, software services, and tools to develop new growth opportunities without investing their own resources in infrastructure.





5Global is Addressing Exponential Demand for Wireless Broadband Connectivity

5Global is disrupting the status quo by enabling enterprises to connect directly to customers.                We are enablers, not gate-keepers 

Innovations are driving 5G demand across sectors, propelling an enormous increase in mobile data 

Enterprises require platforms that are scalable and flexible   

Emerging tech like Telemedicine, VR, and fully enable self driving vehicals will now be able to reach their full potential through 5Global


5global's pillars of success

unique network architecture

Open standard architecture ensures customers are not bound by pricing and technical restrictions; they can expand their offerings by mixing and matching with 5Global’s connectivity and value-added capabilities

5Global looks towards the future and will revolutionize mobile communications of your business, ultimately providing your customers with 5G  network, meaning faster and more reliable downloading, media streaming, voice and video chat and more.


5Global will enable enterprise partners to seamlessly bundle their content and end user connectivity without the friction of a third party gatekeeper


REvolutionary  PRICING

The absence of legacy infrastructure and overhead  greatly reduces operating expenses, enabling 5Global to have the lowest costs per GB of data and offer below market pricing for    enterprise partners

Our team

 5Global Is Led By A Seasoned Management Team

About us
LaUrence Zimmerman

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mr. Zimmerman serves as  CEO of Landover and 5Global, and is a well-known Broadband & Wireless industry entrepreneur, builder and operator with extensive deal-making history. In over 25 years in the Broadband and Wireless industry, Laurence founded, invested in and built several of the most innovative last mile companies in the United States and Europe and is considered one of the sector’s visionary and leading pioneers. Throughout Laurence’s career, he has focused on combining emerging technologies with untapped market potential to build super growth companies. 5Global will draw upon Laurence’s extensive experience in building scalable wireless infrastructure from early stage through commercial deployment and accessing capital markets. In the telecommunications sector, Laurence has successfully established and founded: National Wireless Holdings Inc. (‘National Wireless’), Advanced Radio Telecom Corp.,Winstar Communications Inc., Bazillion, Inc., and Landte lN.V., a pan-European broadband wireless provider, which won spectrum licenses in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and several East European countries.

20 West 22nd Street
Suite 1409
New York, New York 10010

(917) 781-0250


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