Bridge 5GX™ Is The New Revolutionary 5G

Landover Wireless is Bridge 5GX™, a new mobile broadband platform that will roll out nationwide services to strategic business partners starting in 2021. Landover’s focus is on establishing an industry-leading Bridge Business-to-Business-to-Customer Experience platform for Strategic Partners.

If you are

  • Digital Media

  • Cloud Provider

  • Connected Car

  • Social Media


Then you are a potential Landover Strategic Partner.

Landover supports mobile business innovation and offer partners more ways to reach and serve their audiences efficiently, on the latest 5G technology at market break pricing. 

The Democratization of 5G is an American spirit with Freedom to Create, Grow and Choose. The Greater Good is served with our Bridge Business-to-Business-to-Customer Experience partnership model which is a Platform not just a network, to encourage Companies and start-ups to integrate 5G in their business.

Consumers do not worry about their Data Plan consumption, keep their existing mobile devices and connections. Consumers will not pay for data.

Landover’s Bridge 5GX™ platform will enable enterprise partners to bundle connectivity and content services into new mobile devices, gaming/augmented reality devices, automobiles and IoT products, with no need to purchase connectivity from a third-party carrier. Bridge 5GX™ offers partners the ability to access device and network analytics and to adapt hardware, software, and network design to their specific company needs.

5G innovation is a Multiplier of JOBS.

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